We help public and private organizations create and animate challenge-solving communities.
Our mission

Our mission

We bring people together to solve innovative and meaningful challenges.


Create innovative & learning communities // Apply open culture principles // Build new partnerships // Speed up innovation projects // Change for a more social oriented culture // Adopt a MakeSense spirit and dynamic


You can create internal communities with people from your organization // external communities in your ecosystem // mix of the two

Silos are history

Working in silos is not an option any more for companies willing to be agile, innovate at a fast pace and solve complex challenges of our world. Changing that is not as hard as it seems.

Never disconnect from a meaningful mission

Organizations need to reflect on their mission and strengthen the feeling of belonging among theirs employees and partners.

Large organizations will become enabling platforms

At the time when all the information and knowledge seem to be online, organizations have to explore and value more the talents and expertises of its people, teach the 21st century skills and become a platform of connections and support for its ecosystem.
Social Collaboration
The majority of the value-creation activities in an enterprise are hidden.(...)They happen below the surface. We don’t see - and thus don’t recognize - all the activities which have enabled the team to form and which help them throughout their journey.
Oscar Berg, Blogger, 'The Content Economy'
Shared Value
Companies must take the lead in bringing business and society back together. Realizing it will require leaders and managers to develop new skills and knowledge.
Michael Porter, Harvard Business School & 'Creating Shared Value'
Learning Organization
Learning organizations are those where people continually expand their capacity to create the results they truly desire, where new and expansive patterns of thinking are nurtured, where collective aspiration is set free, and where people are continually learning to see the whole together.
Peter Senge, MIT Sloan
Community-Powered Problem Solving
Large problems often represent big opportunities. The challenge is that their solutions often require collaborative effort (...). The best way to make this happen is to provide platforms on which these people can engage with one another and invent new ways to create value for their organizations and themselves. (...) In the end, firms that build the most vibrant web of human interactions will win the competitive game.
Francis Gouillard & Douglas Billings, Harvard Business Review - April 2013

We extract the best practices from the MakeSense experience and adapt it to your needs and culture.
  • Your community & their challenges

    Spot your innovators with their meaningful projects, and collect their challenges
  • Their stories

    Help them spread their inspiring stories throughout your organization
  • The solving process

    Gather passionate people to help them solve their challenges & accelerate their projects
  • Sustainable involvement

    Sustain long-term involvement of the members of the community
  • Feedback loops

    Share solutions & learnings, and do it better, faster, next time
Our tools

Our tools

We have developed methodologies & tools to guide you easily through this transformation.
Powered by MakeSense

Powered by MakeSense

Founded by the people behind MakeSense, CommonsSense is a for-purpose company, with a limited profitability. While leveraging the community to source meaningful projects & challenges, we give back by paying a licence fee, sponsoring events, sharing learnings & dedicating 20% of our time to the community. 50% of the 2012 turnover was dedicated to the growth of MakeSense.
The team

The team

We are a passionated team, convinced that private and public organizations can learn from models like MakeSense to bring more meaning and innovation to their activities. We are looking for new partners in crime to grow. Let us know if you are interested!
What we don't do
  • Talk the talk without walking the walk

    We don't advise with 100-page reports nobody reads or with nice bullet-point slides. We always take the responsibility to implement, with you, our recommendations.
  • Do it for the hype

    We don't conduct brainstorming sessions just because they are cool & fun. We do it only to solve the right, well-framed, problems.
  • Think that technology is a silver bullet

    We don't over-rely on technology telling you that it will solve all your problems. We use tools your employees already know, and mixed them with innovative event formats.

Diplomat-NGO hackathon tackles freedom of speech and sustainability

On 26th September, the first DiploHack happened in London. A journalist from the famous Wired magazine was in the audience.
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Centre incubateur des TIC : Des solutions innovantes proposées aux jeunes entrepreneurs

Le centre d’accompagnement d’entrepreneurs Tic d’Afrique de l’ouest (CTIC), organise, depuis jeudi, un atelier pour comprendre les problématiques commerciales ou stratégiques que renc
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Les “gangsters” changent le monde

Pour rapprocher les grandes entreprises des entrepreneurs sociaux, Makesense organise des ateliers de brainstorming pour trouver une utilité sociale ou environnementale aux services de professionnels. [..
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Gangsourcing pour le bien du monde

Lancé en 2010 par deux jeunes français de 23 ans, aspire à aider les entrepreneurs sociaux du monde entier à mener à bien leurs projets avec l’aide de volontaires où qu’ils
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Quand l’esprit collaboratif de MakeSense booste la créativité des entreprises

"Orange, Accenture, SFR, Suez environnement… De plus en plus de grandes entreprises font appel aux services de CommonsSense, pendant business du projet MakeSense, pour dynamiser leur innovation interne e
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