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While we are working on it, here is a bit of information about us.
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The CommonsSense team in Paris and Mexico

Our visionThe stakeholders of today’s major social and environmental causes work together creatively to develop innovative, positive and lasting solutions.

Our analysisHere at CommonsSense, we are convinced that leading economic and institutional actors play a fundamental role in this dynamic. The scale of their impact and resources is a profound opportunity to take action, accelerate the emergence of solutions and transform themselves for the future.

Our missionCommonsSense guides these organisations as they transform the way they operate. By better engaging their employees and/or partners and/or the general public, the organisations we work with improve how they interact in their ecosystems and multiply their positive impacts.

CommonsSense consultantscontribute their know-how in community engagement grounded in the process of challenge resolution. They draw daily inspiration for this from the MakeSense community.

Since 2012, we have worked with 50 public and private organizations, in France and abroad.
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